Balance Equals Health

Balance Equals Health

“After carrying out Amanda’s recommendations in my business premises and home, every area of my life improved. The Chinese food herbs restored me from having been in a wheelchair with M.E. to excellent health.”  Roselyn Journeaux, health practitioner

From your date of birth essential information about your individual tendencies in health, career, and relationships can be collated. The qualities of the constantly changing energies endow each of us with specific characteristics. Recommendations can then be made to make best use of your innate energies in order to avoid potential problems .

Balance equals health – simple changes to make a more radiant you

The Chinese never say they have an illness – they say they are “out of balance”. They consider that the five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, govern all life along with the major energy systems of the body.

According to Oriental health practitioners, the strengths or potential weaknesses of each of these in each person can manifest in their health and even their moods; guidance can then be given on choosing foods which are most likely to support your particular constitution. Specific types of exercise may also be included as well.

An Oriental Astrology and/or Health consultation can be offered on its own or as part of our Sleep like a Baby programme. To contact us to discuss your requirements email or call Amanda on 08707 607 789 or 0845 009 5983.

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