Cat Nap – Sleep Programmes

Cat Nap – Sleep Programmes

“Since having a consultation with Amanda, we now look forward to getting into bed, where the energy provides a welcome sense of relief from the day’s activities. We find ourselves more quickly falling into deeper sleep than before.” Roger and Sylvia, banker and Pilates teacher

  • Are you having problems getting to sleep, waking up at night or sleeping fitfully?
  • Do you wake feeling groggy, take a couple of hours to kick-start your day or experience a drop in energy during the afternoon?
  • Are you fed up with trying to get your grumpy teenager out of bed in the morning?
  • Do you lose your rag easily, feel anxious or find you can’t concentrate on your work?

What’s stopping you from leaping out of bed every morning, feeling as fresh as a daisy?

How can you improve your energy levels and focus during the day?

Take a Cat Nap – a personalised phone consultation with Amanda!

For a taste of how improved sleep and stress management can make a difference to your vitality, performance at work and personal life, your Cat Nap will include:

  • an analysis of the quality of your sleep
  • how this is impacting on your life and vice-versa
  • how you can make simple changes that will help you break the vicious circle and get you back on track

How it Works

You submit your booking form.

  • I email you our short questionnaire to fill in.
  • I prepare your personalised action plan.
  • You call me at the agreed time for a 20-minute phone consultation, jam packed with tips, tricks and information.
  • You are charged a fixed fee of £30 directly to your phone bill – no other payment is made.
  • The call is automatically cut off at 20 minutes to ensure that you do not incur any further charges.

Click here for a booking form for your Cat Nap to find out how you can change your sleep patterns quickly & easily so that you can start to benefit from increased energy and improved concentration.

Not sure if this is for you? Click here for our free Great Night’s Sleep Test

Need more information? Email or call Amanda on 08707 607 789 or 0845 009 5983.

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