Feng Shui for Sounder Sleep

How can Feng Shui be part of a Sleep or Stress Rebalancing Programme?

“Thank you for the feng shui consultation, report and Helios rebalancing device. I had my first proper night’s sleep in this house last night, so I think it has taken a few days for the change in resonance to come into effect. I feel hopeful and more confident now.”
Janet Brady, Businesswoman, Oxfordshire

Are you half awake at night and half asleep all day?
Do you lie awake at night, with your mind racing?
Do you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning?
Are your energy levels affecting your concentration at work?
Is lack of sleep affecting your life and ability to cope with stress?

What’s stopping you from leaping out of bed every morning, feeling as fresh as a daisy?
How can you improve your energy levels and focus during the day?
To find out, click here for our free Great Night’s Sleep guidelines.

Sleep is as necessary to the body as food.
A good night’s sleep is actually about the quality of our sleep.
Are you are getting the kind of sleep you need?

If you’re suffering from the effects of poor quality sleep, you probably feel as though you’ve tried everything that might help.
Or perhaps you are too exhausted, stressed or plain busy to do anything about it!
Or maybe you’ve been feeling exhausted for so long that it feels normal.

There are many hidden factors which can contribute to these problems, preventing you from feeling calm, clear and able to cope with the ups and downs of life.

There is a solution.
Feng shui is a method of promoting harmony within ourselves by creating balance in our surroundings.

Our modern lifestyles and environments have disconnected us from our bodies’ natural rhythms. With the help of Feng shui, your bedroom could become your sanctuary: a tranquil, nurturing place that promotes deep, restful, restorative sleep.

It could change your life.

Contact us so that we can create your own personal sleep, energy and stress rebalancing programme.

We use a wide variety of techniques, according to your needs, including:- addressing diet, lifestyle, furniture arrangement & colour schemeFeng Shui and neutralising Geopathic stress & electro-magnetic pollution where relevant.

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