Supportive Interior Design for Sounder Sleep

Supportive Interior Design for Sounder Sleep

“Amanda really supported me in creating the atmosphere I wanted; she suggested colour schemes which worked really well which I would never have thought of. I became aware that my home is a reflection of what is going on inside me, so when my house was cleared, I felt cleared emotionally, too.” Tina Bolyos, Design Consultant

Making a space into your sanctuary
Is there a room you’d like to turn into a work space, or a relaxation room – but you don’t know where to start?

Clutter and Storage 
Do you have rooms or areas which are cluttered, too busy or need to be changed, but you’re stuck with ideas for what to do? Do you have storage space which needs reorganising but it feels like an insurmountable task? Do you need help deciding what to keep and what to throw away?

Creating balance 
Our team can help with practical ideas to enable you to get the best out of any space. This can include ideas about storage, design and colour schemes or even your garden and will also incorporate the key aspects of Feng Shui and energy balance.

Not only will the end result work better on a practical level, but you will find the newly designed space works in harmony with you as an individual.

Good design is about people and how they live their lives. Good design expresses who we are.

Interior Design can be offered on its own or as part of our Sleep like a Baby programme. To contact us to discuss your requirements, or call Amanda on 07970 521 787 or 020 8420 7271.

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