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What is dirty electricity?
Dirty electricity (DE) are high-frequency voltage spikes (transients) caused by plugging electrical devices into the mains supply. Dirty electricity is a by-product of modern electronic equipment and appliances, such as computers, refrigerators, plasma TVs, WiFi routers, Sky boxes, DVD players, video recorders, set top boxes, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), solar panels and dimmer switches – all of which corrupt the electricity they use. DE can also enter home and offices through wiring from nearby sources, including your neighbours’ WiFi, TV antennas or nearby mobile phone base stations (transmitters) connected to the power grid.

Dirty electricity is caused by modern electrical devices

Dirty electricity is caused by electrical appliances and can have a negative effect on your health

What effect does it have?
Research shows that dirty electricity is a chronic stressor and is responsible for many diseases and conditions including amongst others – cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insomnia, headaches, neurological disorders, arrhythmia, autism and even suicide. (Milham & Stetzer, 2013)

Case studies
A school in Minnesota where dirty electricity meters went completely off the scale had a cancer incidence in teachers nearly three times higher than average. There were also three former students who developed thyroid cancer in their 20s. (Milham & Morgan, 2008).

However when dirty electricity was reduced by more than 90% in other schools, the health of teachers improved significantly, as did student behaviour in both middle and elementary schools. (Havas & Olstad, 2008)

In another school the number of students needing inhalers for asthma was reduced and blood sugar levels for some diabetics responded positively to the removal of dirty electricity in their environment. (Havas, 2008)

An additional study into individuals with multiple sclerosis, after reducing dirty electricity levels showed their balance improved and they experienced fewer tremors. (Havas, 2006)

How can I remove dirty electricity from my home or office?
Fortunately, the solution to removing dirty electricity is now very simple! Once the DE levels in your environment have been measured, the correct number of dirty electricity meters can then be installed to neutralise the effects.

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