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Feng Shui – Turning stress into success

Feng shui is the ancient Oriental system of arranging living and work spaces to enhance health, wealth and happiness.
It is sometimes called ‘acupuncture for buildings’. When we feel more comfortable in our surroundings we sleep better, feel better and operate more effectively.

“Amanda was the first person who made Feng Shui make sense to me. I immediately started looking at my surroundings in a different way and began to recognize the patterns there which were repeated in my life.” Charles Harris, Film Director, Hampstead North London

We all sense intuitively when we feel comfortable in a room. Our home should be a soothing, calm space where we feel secure and content, and can relax completely. Bedrooms should be places for deep, peaceful and regenerative sleep. A working space needs to be a place for ideas, imagination and focus.

Feng shui for bedrooms and feng shui for relationships

Feng shui for bedrooms and feng shui for relationships

By combining the practicality of interior design with the ancient art of Feng Shui, together we can create a space that works for you on every level.

Designed to enhance your life, the results are remarkable.

Who can benefit?
Everyone. Our methods identify potential health problems before they become serious and before they have a lasting impact on your quality of life.

“With Amanda’s help, I sold my house within 3 weeks for the asking price, although it had failed to sell for months previously.” Heather Thatcher, Clutter Clearing Specialist, Middlesex

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