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“Sleep plays a major role in preparing the mind and body for a productive, creative and healthy day. For anyone who wants to be successful, it is a necessity, not a luxury.”
Professor James B. Maas, PhD


Did you know …………?

That Harvard Medical School researchers found that people who had a good night’s sleep after learning and practicing a new task remembered more about it the next day than people who stayed up all night after learning the same thing.

Sleep problems?

Sleep problems?

That watching TV for as little as two hours per day can cause seriously disturbed sleep in young children.

That lack of sleep makes you hungrier and therefore more likely to overeat.

That the average number of hours we sleep per night has decreased from 10 a century ago to less than 7 for many people nowadays, caused mainly by our 24/7 lifestyle.

“I had been sleeping five or six hours a night and I was losing my edge. I was struggling for words. Names kept eluding me. I noticed during radio and television shows that my reactions were slower. I could not find the right phrase or argument in time. The difference this sleep is making to my good humour, mental concentration, calm judgment and physical wellbeing is unmistakable.”
Matthew Parris, The Times

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