What on Earth are Geopathic and Electro-magnetic Stress?

What on Earth are Geopathic and Electro-magnetic Stress?

“My whole day is judged on how much I sleep I’ve had. I was an insomniac for a year, which was awful… I sleep like a baby now. It’s wonderful.” Melanie Chisolm, formerly Sporty Spice.

The earth has a natural magnetic field which keeps us healthy. Distortions or changes in its level can have detrimental effects on us. This explains why, when Russian astronauts came back to earth after a year in space, they had lost 80% of their bone density. It was discovered that a replication of the Earth’s beneficial frequencies corrected the problem. These technologies are now available for domestic and commercial use; considered the best neutralisers on the market, they promote noticeable improvements to sleep, health and vitality.

Geopathic Stress
This describes the effects of the earth’s energetic fields when they have become harmful as a result of being disturbed on their way up from the earth’s core.

Electro-magnetic Pollution
We are now exposed to 200 million times the amount of electromagnetic energy than our predecessors were 100 years ago. Even weak electromagnetic fields have an effect on the way our cells regenerate, especially while we sleep.

Specialised equipment, which is highly sensitive, is used to measure Geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution during the consultation. Amanda can demonstrate how certain devices protect people against the negative effects.

A Geopathic Stress and/or Electro-magnetic radiation check and re-balancing consultation can be offered on its own or as part of our Sleep like a Baby programme. To contact us to discuss your requirements:
email amanda@sleepforlife.com or call Amanda on 08707 607 789 or 0845 009 5983

“After the magnetic treatment I slept amazingly well and awoke feeling fresher than I had felt for a long time.” Lynne Crawford, Director of College of Bio-Resonance and Allergyline


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