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Cat Nap - £30*
Have a Cat Nap – a 20 minute personalised phone consultation with Amanda so that you understand what’s affecting your sleep patterns or stress levels and find out what will make a big difference to your wellbeing. Also ideal for situations where location, mobility or time constraints preclude face-to-face appointments.
Fee covers: emailed questionnaire; 20 minute telephone assessment & recommendations.

Top sleep solutions and tips

Top sleep solutions and tips


Great Night’s Sleep (home visit) – £150*
If you are ready for a great night’s sleep, your sleeping environment and lifestyle are assessed and a detailed study is carried out, to show you simple ways to improve them; as a result, you start to improve the quality of your sleep, wake feeling refreshed and relaxed and begin to notice the difference in your health, vitality, performance at work and mood stability.
Fee covers: a 1 – 2 hour face-to-face and telephone or email support.

Sleep like a Baby programme – from £90 per month*
After either the Cat Nap or the Great Night’s Sleep, you could benefit from our bespoke programme that gives you all the tools you need to help you to implement & maintain the changes and ensures that you create better habits for yourself, so that you always wake feeling as fresh as a daisy.

We use a wide variety of techniques, according to your needs, including:- addressing diet, preventative healthcare, lifestyle, furniture arrangement & colour scheme, feng shui and neutralising Geopathic stress & electro-magnetic pollution where relevant.
Fee covers: face-to-face or telephone sessions, as preferred, and email support.

*Ad hoc maintenance sessions are also available for existing clients at £75/hour.

“The feng shui consultation made a real difference; being able to sleep through the night improved my whole sense of well-being. My employers remarked on my positive attitude to everything and the effect it had on my work.” Judy Brown MSc, Accountant, London

To get started, contact Amanda on 07970 521 787 or email
so that we can create your own personal sleep, energy and stress rebalancing programme, or to enquire about individual services (as listed above).

Not sure which one is best for you? Click here for our free Great Night’s Sleep guidelines