New Year, New You! 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy

5 Simple Ways To Boost Your EnergyOnce the New Year festivities are over, the party paraphernalia put away till the next time and new resolutions made and almost immediately forgotten, the beginning of the year can seem to be something of an anti-climax. If you’ve ever wondered what relevance new beginnings can possibly have to this season, falling as it does when the days are still short and the weather mostly cold and damp, remember that seeds germinate underground, in the dark, unobtrusively producing  new life and, as a result, energy.

Struggling to commit to your New Year’s resolutions?

It’s no accident that most gym memberships are taken up in January – and that within a few weeks the majority of newly-joined members will have given up on their intentions to turn over a new leaf and get fit!

“Willpower is like a muscle, it needs to be exercised. Practice five minutes of deep breathing daily to clear your mind and strengthen resolve.” (Liz Earle, Jan 2015)

Everything around us is composed of energy fields, so it may surprise you to learn that, if you want to implement lasting changes, you will probably need to make some simple changes to your surroundings.

5 Feng Shui inspired ways to boost your energy

Freshen up your home or office to create a crisp, fresh and nourishing environment by:-

  1. Letting go of old, stagnant energy. Clear out clutter, including the stuff only you get to see i.e. inside your cupboards and sense the difference!
  2. Re-arranging furniture or ornaments can change how a room feels; even buying a few new cushion covers can liven it up by injecting more colour and creating a feeling of newness.
  3. Fresh air helps the brain to function better. Opening windows is a fairly obvious and option which costs nothing; however, airborne pollution can have a significant impact on our health, even indoors where pollutants can be 2- -5 times higher than outdoors, in which case you may need an air purifier.
  4. Plants can also purify the air, especially those such as peace lilies, which neutralise some of the effects of computers, photocopiers etc.
  5. Light is an important source of energy. At this time of year, candles can create that extra bit of sparkle that we need, as well a warm, cosy ambience. Since most of us we spend up to 90% of our days indoors, under artificial lighting, which recent studies have shown can have negative effects on attention spans and academic performance, especially in children, you may wish to consider using full spectrum lights.

Feng Shui – Improve your health, wealth and happiness

Feng shui is sometimes called ‘acupuncture for buildings’. When we feel more comfortable in our surroundings we sleep better, feel better and operate more effectively, which means we can be more successful in achieving our goals.

Try the tips above and see if you notice the subtle but profound effect the changes have on you and your energy.

Don’t give up completely if you’ve not managed to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions.  The past has been and gone, the future has yet to unfold and every day is an opportunity for a new beginning.

“Let the past and future burn in the fire of now”. (Rumi)

What are your favourite tips for boosting your energy? Share your advice by leaving a comment below and let’s all enjoy a New Year on a new path filled with energy, commitment and success!

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