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10 Essential Sleep Tips for Happier & More Productive Teens

This week sees the celebration of World Sleep Day! Friday 13th March is World Sleep Day, created by the World Association of Sleep Medicine “to advance sleep health worldwide.”¹ This is also my mission, too! I’m focusing here on sleep and teenagers, as so many are unaware that they need more sleep than they’re probably actually getting; in fact, according, the National Sleep Foundation, they need nine and quarter hours sleep per night.² The importance of sleep for teenagers Sound […]

Feng Shui your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary and, with the help of feng shui, you can help to create an environment that feels tranquil and nurturing, promoting deep, restful, restorative sleep. All living things rest at some point during the course of each 24 hour cycle – sleeping should be as natural as breathing yet nowadays insomnia has reached epidemic proportions with, for example, one large UK study showing that about three-quarters of patients reported sleep disturbance symptoms lasting a year […]

Women! Sleep is a necessity, prioritise it!

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Did you know sleep deprivation affects women differently to men? Lack of sleep is not a badge to be worn with pride, it’s something to be very worried about, particularly for women and a solution is at hand. For many women nowadays sleep often takes a back seat and is at the end of the list of priorities; this isn’t a good way to be – we need to start thinking differently about sleep and its importance in maintaining health […]

New Year, New You! 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy

Once the New Year festivities are over, the party paraphernalia put away till the next time and new resolutions made and almost immediately forgotten, the beginning of the year can seem to be something of an anti-climax. If you’ve ever wondered what relevance new beginnings can possibly have to this season, falling as it does when the days are still short and the weather mostly cold and damp, remember that seeds germinate underground, in the dark, unobtrusively producing  new life […]