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Still Tired – Even if You’re Getting Enough Sleep?

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Even Getting Enough Sleep can be bad for you – if it’s at the WRONG TIME! “We’re only just beginning to understand the damage that irregular sleep patterns can do to your body, particularly when you sleep at the wrong time” Sarah Montague, Radio 4, Today programme*. Professor Russell Foster, one of Britain’s leading sleep experts from Bristol University and Director of the Sleep and Circadian Neural science Institute, told the Today programme that the assumption has always been that […]

10 Essential Sleep Tips for Happier & More Productive Teens

This week sees the celebration of World Sleep Day! Friday 13th March is World Sleep Day, created by the World Association of Sleep Medicine “to advance sleep health worldwide.”¹ This is also my mission, too! I’m focusing here on sleep and teenagers, as so many are unaware that they need more sleep than they’re probably actually getting; in fact, according, the National Sleep Foundation, they need nine and quarter hours sleep per night.² The importance of sleep for teenagers Sound […]

Sleep Deprived? You May Be Too Hot or Too Cold

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Do you actively ensure that your bedroom is a particular temperature or do you not give it a second thought? I was really interested to read an article in The Daily Mail reporting results of a survey carried out by the hotel chain, Travelodge.  They reported that “Almost 90% of the participants had trouble sleeping due to the temperature of their bedroom”. Do you experience issues sleeping due to your bedroom temperature? Do you sleep with your window open or […]

Cure your Insomnia by Embracing it, not Fighting it

An interesting new method for curing insomnia is actually based on methods that are as old as the hills. Dr Guy Meadows, of the Sleep School, discovered, after practising as a sleep research physiologist for 12 years, that the key to overcoming insomnia is acceptance. He told Sharon Walker of  the Sunday Times Style section: “The thing about sleep is that it’s a subconscious process. You can’t switch it on and off at will. But the awesome thing about humans is that we […]