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Sleep Deprived? You May Be Too Hot or Too Cold

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Do you actively ensure that your bedroom is a particular temperature or do you not give it a second thought? I was really interested to read an article in The Daily Mail reporting results of a survey carried out by the hotel chain, Travelodge.  They reported that “Almost 90% of the participants had trouble sleeping due to the temperature of their bedroom”. Do you experience issues sleeping due to your bedroom temperature? Do you sleep with your window open or […]

Is the Landline Fast Becoming a Dinosaur?

I was astounded to hear, on the Today programme on Radio 4 recently, the presenter announce that “the game is up for the landline” and that “the short period of our history in which most of us expected to have a landline in our homes is fast fading”. This is nonsensical for the following reasons (of which he and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, whom he quoted on this point are seemingly  blissfully unaware):- If 15% of households are ‘mobile only’, logic […]

Supportive Interior Design for Sounder Sleep

Supportive Interior Design for Sounder Sleep “Amanda really supported me in creating the atmosphere I wanted; she suggested colour schemes which worked really well which I would never have thought of. I became aware that my home is a reflection of what is going on inside me, so when my house was cleared, I felt cleared emotionally, too.” Tina Bolyos, Design Consultant Making a space into your sanctuary Is there a room you’d like to turn into a work space, or […]

Feng Shui for Sounder Sleep

How can Feng Shui be part of a Sleep or Stress Rebalancing Programme? “Thank you for the feng shui consultation, report and Helios rebalancing device. I had my first proper night’s sleep in this house last night, so I think it has taken a few days for the change in resonance to come into effect. I feel hopeful and more confident now.” Janet Brady, Businesswoman, Oxfordshire Are you half awake at night and half asleep all day? Do you lie awake at night, […]

Cat Nap – Sleep Programmes

Cat Nap – Sleep Programmes “Since having a consultation with Amanda, we now look forward to getting into bed, where the energy provides a welcome sense of relief from the day’s activities. We find ourselves more quickly falling into deeper sleep than before.” Roger and Sylvia, banker and Pilates teacher Are you having problems getting to sleep, waking up at night or sleeping fitfully? Do you wake feeling groggy, take a couple of hours to kick-start your day or experience a […]