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“Amanda was the first person who made Feng Shui make sense to me. I immediately started looking at my surroundings in a different way and began to recognize the patterns there which were repeated in my life.”
Charles Harris, Film Director, Hampstead North London

“Amanda took special care with regard to the unusual shape of the building. We were impressed with the thoroughness of the feng shui consultation process; she really tuned into us as people and made insightful observations. We are most grateful for her holistic yet down-to-earth approach.”
Kim Smith, lecturer in Nursing & Health, Hertfordshire

“The feng shui consultation made a real difference; being able to sleep through the night improved my whole sense of well-being. My employers remarked on my positive attitude to everything and the effect it had on my work.”
Judy Brown MSc, Accountant, London

“With Amanda’s help, I sold my house within 3 weeks for the asking price, although it had failed to sell for months previously.”
Heather Thatcher, Clutter Clearing Specialist, Middlesex

“Soon after having a consultation with Amanda my business took off and my energy levels increased. My youngest son also started sleeping through the night for the first time in three years. My life has changed dramatically.”
Kavida Rei, Writer and Tantric guide, Hertfordshire

“Since having a consultation with Amanda, we now look forward to getting into bed, where the energy provides a welcome sense of relief from the day’s activities. We find ourselves more quickly falling into deeper sleep than before.”
Roger, Banker, and Sylvia, Pilates teacher, Richmond Surrey

“Thanks for the feng shui consultation… the ritual idea of ‘letting go’ of the house was very helpful… I now have a buyer, have agreed a price and all is underway!”
Veronique Maria, artist, London

“After the electromagnetic stress rebalancing I slept amazingly well and awoke feeling fresher than I had felt for a long time.”
Lynne Crawford, Director of College of Bio-Resonance and Allergyline, London

“Thank you for the feng shui consultation, report and Helios rebalancing device. I had my first proper night’s sleep in this house last night, so I think it has taken a few days for the change in resonance to come into effect. I feel hopeful and more confident now.”
Janet Brady, Businesswoman, Oxfordshire

“Amanda really supported me in creating the atmosphere I wanted; she suggested colour schemes which worked really well which I would never have thought of. I became aware that my home is a reflection of what is going on inside me, so when my house was cleared, I felt cleared emotionally, too.”
Tina Bolyos, Design Consultant, Hertfordshire