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Light from Electronic Gadgets Interferes with Your Sleep

Sleep and Technology Don’t Mix: Why You Need to Set an Electronic Curfew By Dr. Mercola About 95 percent of Americans use an electronic device within one hour of going to sleep, according to a National Sleep Foundation poll. Furthermore, nearly all adults (89 percent) and the majority of children (75 percent) have at least one electronic device, such as a television, tablet, or smartphone, in their bedrooms. This has a major implication on the quality of your sleep, in […]

Exposure to TVs and Computers Disrupts Children’s sleep

A poll conducted for Time4Sleep, an online bed retailer, has revealed that 38 per cent of parents regularly cave in to pressure to allow young children to stay up, watching TV or playing video games after 9 pm, rather than making them go to bed. The study has also discovered that electronic equipment, such as TVs and computers, give off “blue light” which causes disrupted sleep. Blue light regulates our secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Put simply, when we are […]

Cure your Insomnia by Embracing it, not Fighting it

An interesting new method for curing insomnia is actually based on methods that are as old as the hills. Dr Guy Meadows, of the Sleep School, discovered, after practising as a sleep research physiologist for 12 years, that the key to overcoming insomnia is acceptance. He told Sharon Walker of  the Sunday Times Style section: “The thing about sleep is that it’s a subconscious process. You can’t switch it on and off at will. But the awesome thing about humans is that we […]

Could your Bedroom be Making You Fat?

Scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research, while studying over 100,000 British women, have discovered a link between obesity and the amount of light in their bedrooms at night. They found that the more that the women were able to see across their bedrooms at night, the larger their waistlines. Light in the bedroom at night disrupts our 24-hour body clock (known as our circadian rhythm), decreasing the production of melatonin, which regulates sleep patterns and increasing the production of the stress hormone cortisol, […]

How Long to Nap for the Biggest Brain Benefits

Many successful people, such as Winston Churchill, have famously taken naps during the day (now known as ‘power naps’) to help sustain their alertness and concentration. A Wall Street Journal article has now detailed recommendations for planning your perfect nap, including how long to nap and when. Lifehacker, of the Huffington Post says “The sleep experts in the article say a 10-to-20-minute power nap gives you the best “bang for your buck,” but depending on what you want the nap to do for you, […]

The Importance of Sleep

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“Society has become “supremely arrogant” in ignoring the importance of sleep, leading researchers have told the BBC’s Day of the Body Clock. Scientists from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Manchester and Surrey universities warn cutting sleep is leading to “serious health problems”. They say people and governments need to take the problem seriously. Cancer, heart disease, type-2 diabetes, infections and obesity have all been linked to reduced sleep. The body clock drives huge changes in the human body. It alters alertness, mood, […]

Feng shui conference

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The annual feng shui conference organised by The Feng Shui Society is on 17-18 May 2014 in London. Eight top international speakers will be giving presentations on different aspects of feng shui. Watch this short video clip of the presentation by William Spear author of Feng Shui Made Easy.      

Sound sleep promotes optimism and makes you more attractive

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Sound sleep promotes optimism and makes you more attractive “Sound sleep correlates to optimism the next day. From a study of 1,500 people we found that those who sleep soundly were 16 per cent more optimistic and 20 per cent more attractive.” Asa Raskin, VP at Jawbone Sleep deprivation is known to cause serious health problems.

What on Earth are Geopathic and Electro-magnetic Stress?

What on Earth are Geopathic and Electro-magnetic Stress? “My whole day is judged on how much I sleep I’ve had. I was an insomniac for a year, which was awful… I sleep like a baby now. It’s wonderful.” Melanie Chisolm, formerly Sporty Spice. The earth has a natural magnetic field which keeps us healthy. Distortions or changes in its level can have detrimental effects on us. This explains why, when Russian astronauts came back to earth after a year in space, […]

Balance Equals Health

Balance Equals Health “After carrying out Amanda’s recommendations in my business premises and home, every area of my life improved. The Chinese food herbs restored me from having been in a wheelchair with M.E. to excellent health.”  Roselyn Journeaux, health practitioner From your date of birth essential information about your individual tendencies in health, career, and relationships can be collated. The qualities of the constantly changing energies endow each of us with specific characteristics. Recommendations can then be made to […]